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Opportunities Knock assists Albertans in finding full time meaningful employment in their chosen field. As a government funded program, there are no fees to access our services for either candidates or employers.

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  • “I have now been working with Manpower’s Opportunities Knock Workplace Training program for about a year and we have engaged the Program on different occasions and have successfully retained 2 wonderful employees.I would highly recommend the Program to those who can benefit from it.”

    G.C., Business Owner, Energy Industry Employer

  • “Workplace training helped tremendously, especially with individuals who have the proper education but don’t have any Canadian experience at the workplace or experience which is quite different. The program helps the employers to provide training and the potential employees take this process more seriously. It offers great encouragement to hire and train new immigrants.”

    M.K., Managing Director, Energy Industry Employer

  • “With the assistance of this program we were able to successfully hire and provide on the job training for an individual who was a great fit with the organization but did not have the experience or education we required. With the ongoing support provided to us through the Opportunities Knock program, we were able to successfully develop and implement a suitable training plan which effectively addressed the gaps in her skills and experience.”

    L.N., Manager, Energy Industry Employer

  • “As a result of this service, we were able to successfully hire and keep a great employee and contribute toward her success in her desired career.”

    N.M., President and Managing Director, Health & Safety Industry Employer

  • “I've appreciated the Workplace Training Coordinator’s attention to detail, and their insight as we discussed potential candidates. It has been my experience that they wanted to see each candidate find success in their work placement, and not only that, but they cared that our company would get the best employee possible.”

    D.B.,Manager., IT Industry Employer